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burglary goes bad. we will have a live report. >> the budget battle, president obama's spending plan as big cuts, but critics want more. >> ♪ >> major upsets on music's biggest night. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this monday, february 14, valentine's day. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. good morning. i hope you had a good weekend. happy valentine's day. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has been the forecast, but it will be like spring by the end of the weekend. >> it's going to be a warm week. there will be a few ups and downs. there's a wind advisory in effect today because there could be gusts up to 55 miles an hour. wind out of the south right now. now 47 at4 and it's reagan national downtown. 46 in gaithersburg, 49 in martinsburg. 46 in culpeper. 50 degrees in fredericksburg. well into the 50's for high temperatures today. los 60's down south of the metro area. wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. in the 20's tonight. wind chills in the
in the port in libya. it's unlikely they will leave libya until tomorrow. this comes as president obama is speaking out against the violence. the u.s. is looking at a number of options to respond. reports from libya are conflicting. some images show a peaceful, quiet streets. others show brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters. >> they opened fire on us and we saw the death. the government did not care that we were foreigners. god forgive them for what they did to us. >> roughly 1000 people have died since violence erupted earlier this month. libyan leader muammar gaddafi is making a grave threats. >> tahlequah operates with fallen countries in order to instigated war against libya, their punishment will be execution. -- whoever cooperates with foreign countries in order to investigate war against libya, their punishment will be execution. >> maybe they could ask oil companies to stop operating in that country. oil prices are spiking already because of the unrest. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> the death toll from the tuesday earthquake in new zealand is rising
. >>> capitol hill is getting ready for battle over president obama's 2012 budget proposal. in administration says that the plan freezes government spending and cuts the deficit over the next 10 years. but republicans say it does not go far enough. >>> the d.c. region was apparent from the most painful parts of the spending plan, but nothing is safe just yet. >> brianne carter has a closer look at the impact before us. >> good morning. you have already seen some back- and-forth about the budget. the president's proposal is said to have some good news in it for d.c. the proposal would include keeping the program that allows d.c. students to remain in state and have in-state tuition at a number of universities across the country. it also maintains funding for city, public, and charter schools. that reinforces education as a priority of this administration. that's what we heard yesterday from the president. the smithsonian institution would get a $100 million increase to build a new museum. the smithsonian budget for salaries and for facilities would see a little bit of a cut. we have seen the b
situation for egypt. we are hearing now from president obama. he says the egyptian people should decide the process of transition. >> they want freedom and fair and free elections, they want a representative government and responsive government. you have to transition now. mubarak has decided that he's not running for reelection. his term is up this year. >> the president says egypt will not be the country that it once was. thousands are still gathered in the main square in cairo this morning demanding mubarak's immediate resignation. courtney robinson reporting. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama spoke about the crisis in egypt during a pre-super bowl interview with bill o'reilly. mr. obama says that he cannot force the tipton president to step down immediately, but he says that he is confident the to to people will establish a representative government that the u.s. can work with. >>> the lombardi trophy is returning to the title town. the green bay packers took on the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl xlv last night. aaron rogers led his team to its first super bowl win i
, but the obama administration says if he left office right now, it could jeopardize the transition to democracy. human rights watch says nearly 300 people died so far in the protests and a google manager detained by additional parties last month was released. he says he was behind a facebook pace that helped spark protests. >>> president obama will release his budget one week from today. >> the white house says the president remains focused on the concern of voters and that is creating jobs. emily schmidt joins us live from north west washington with more. good morning. >> good morning. president obama is telling members of the business community he wants to see them hang out more help wanted signs to help the american workers. critics say that is one tough sell in this political and economic environment. the president spoke to the u.s. chamber of commerce yesterday, his first visit there since he took office. he said that there is strong disagreement, but american companies have a $2 trillion amount sitting on their balance sheet and that's why this is the time to invest. two * of applause dur
than ever as this uprising enters its 18th day. meanwhile, president obama is questioning whether mobile's transfer to power -- whether statement on the transfer to power is sincere. abc 7 news reporting. >>> back in this country, some of the people who may take on president obama next year will speak with conservative activists today. republican congressional leaders and will estate mogul donald trump spoke on the first day of that conference. he said that he may make a white house bid in 2012. >>> arizona republican john kyle says that he will retire when his term ends in 2012. this came a day after virginia democrat jim webb announced he would not seek reelection next year. five senators announced plans to leave office when their terms are finished. >>> metro board members are considering cutting late-night service on weekends to save money. the trains currently run until 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. metro is considering shutting down service at midnight on those nights. that would help close the $72 million budget gap. the proposal is just in the early stages. >>>
-down. it was eventually on its way back to the u.s. the victims have not been identified gatt. >>> the obama administration is offering to help libyans trying to oust their longtime leader moammar gaddafi. protesters now control city close to the capital appeared there are reports of food shortages in tripoli. if this comes as a moammar gaddafi and's sons say that their father will fight to glass. that standoff in libya, is hitting driver is in the wallets in the u.s. gas prices jumped 13 cents last week. oil reached nearly $100 a barrel on fears the unrest could spread to other oil-producing countries. the national average for regular is $3.35 a gallon. in the d.c. area, and $3.33 a gallon. >>> 47 degrees outside. >> still to come, a government shutdown showdown. congress is back and the clock is ticking. we will have a live report. >> the countdown to the ballroom unchallenge -- challenge. welcome to the animal welfare league of arlington where there is a pet waiting for everyone. >> good morning, washington. >>> monday morning, adam caskey with your forecast. temperatures are in low 40's,
obama says he will veto the cuts. the government could shut down for the first time since 1995. >>> metro funding is a source of frustration for lawmakers fighting over money. metro says that could mean a setback for passenger safety. >> brianne carter is live at the metro station with the latest money crunch. >> good morning. this plan would continue to fund the government through september. that's for the fiscal year 2011. it is already setting up a financial fight. included in this or not included in this is the $150 million for metro that will help continue with safety and infrastructure upgrades. metro was promised this as part of a 2008 bill that was passed. gerry connolly has said that he has put forth an amendment that would continue to put the money back in, but that was killed earlier this week by republicans. metro says in a statement that this money is absolutely vital to the agency's work to rebuild the 30-year-old system and restore reliable service to customers. metro passengers agree with that, saying they already agree metro is underfunded. this debate will cer
and others are ready to release emergency stockpiles. president obama says the u.s. will be able to ride out the situation. the violence escalates in libya. thousands of farmers are trying to flee, but the weather is making that difficult. americans try to leave by boat are stuck because of high seas. the-plans to send a charter plane to a tripoli today. anti-government protesters are ramping up demonstrations and moving closer to the capital. still no signs moammar gaddafi will step down voluntarily. u.n. security council will meet today to decide what actions to take against the government there for the violent crackdown on protesters. pamela brown reporting, abc 7 news. >>> rescuers are still picking through the ruins of damaged or collapsed buildings in christchurch, new zealand. they are searching for more than 200 people missing since tuesday's devastating earthquake. relatives are waiting for word on their loved ones fade. officials said the death toll stands at 113. >>> virginia is set to enact one of the toughest anti-abortion laws in the country. the general assembly has passed a b
anniversary of first lady michelle obama closing "let's move" campaign against childhood obesity. she will mark the occasion by making an appearance on "live! with regis and kelly" this morning. she will also talk about the program during a visit to georgia this afternoon. >>> gm gives that. and an economic update from the federal reserve chief. rob nelson as those stories and more. >> good morning. we begin with tears of toyota rising in japan. the u.s. government report finds electronic or not to blame for the unintended acceleration problems. the causes were driver error, sticky gas pedals, and floor mats that trapped gas pedals. there's fresh evidence businesses are not ready to wrap up hiring despite signs the economy is improving. companies advertised 3.1 million job openings in december, the second straight monthly decline. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke goes to capitol hill today where he will provide his assessment of the economy. he will probably be grilled by republican lawmakers about federal reserve evarts to stimulate growth. general motors will give at least $3,0
with gunshot wounds and he had been bound with duct tape. an autopsy will be performed. >>> president obama is on the road to promote high-tech innovation as a source of jobs. he will go to an intel manufacturing plant in oregon today. yesterday he met with technology leaders in san francisco including mark zuckerberg and steve jobs. >>> many states are facing budget battles these days, but in wisconsin the problem has escalated. tens of thousands of protestors marched on the state capitol while some lawmakers skipped town. ben eisler is live in a satellite center with more. >> more than 25,000 protesters gathered at wisconsin's capitol building yesterday. 44 states and the district are protecting budget shortfall this year. the unrest may spread in the days ahead. four straight days, thousands of protesters have gathered in madison. meanwhile, democrats led the state put off a vote. >> by delaying the vote a while, the people of the state will have more opportunity to talk about the issue. >> they will do their stunt a day or two. it's more about theatrics than anything. it will come back
happens next. if president obama steps down, some security analysts say there are real concerns that al qaeda could try to step in to fill the void. abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the justice department plans president obama'ses health-care reform law. a judge in florida decided in favor of ruling the entire law unconstitutional. >>> still ahead, a bedbug invasion, the district hosts a two-day meeting about the parasite. >> a major success story, shocking new numbers about allied cameras. >> first the dangerous ice storm by the end of the day. adam c >>> you are looking at the inscription markup of the martin luther king memorial project. i am an associate architect with the project. we just want to say -- >> good morning, washington. >>> coming up on 6:11 on this tuesday morning, february 1. looks like we will get off to an icy start especially later tonight into early tomorrow morning. there are areas of freezing drizzle which the radar cannot pick up, that's across the metro area. anticipate slick spots. that's why there's a winter weather advisory for everybody until 12:
. he says that he's ready to deal with the challenges. president obama issued a statement saying that he's proud of his friend. rahm emanuel will succeed longtime mayor richard daley in may. >>> americans are being evacuated from libya amid growing fears of a civil war. leader muammar gaddafi says he will keep fighting against anti- government protesters and desist orders are behind the violence. at least 300 protesters have died in the crackdown. the u.n. security council has condemned the violence. >>> there was a small miracle in christchurch, new zealand as a woman was rescued after being trapped in the rubble of a building more than 24 hours. hundreds more may still be trapped in the ruins of other buildings. the death toll from yesterday's powerful earthquake now stands at 75. >>> the maryland senate plans to begin debating a same-sex marriage bill. senators could vote on the bill next tuesday. if it is approved, maryland would become the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. >>> deliberations begin today in the road rage trial of gabriel poventud, charged with attempt
to repeal president obama's health care reform law. >> nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. >> republicans forced a vote by attaching the repeal amendment to allow a federal aviation administration reauthorization bill. the house voted to repeal the law last month. >>> in the day ahead, president obama will deliver remarks at the annual national prayer breakfast this morning. nasa astronaut mark kelly, a resident of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, will deliver the closing prayer. she is recovering after being shot in the head during an assassination attempt last month. >>> maryland governor o'malley will deliver his state of the state address, expected to focus on the budget shortfall, at the maryland state house in annapolis at 12:00 noon. >>> big bucks for a suite at the superbowl. >> we begin with encouraging news ahead of tomorrow's monthly jobs report. private companies added 187,000 workers last month, more than expected. hiring was strong across all major industries. small businesses accounted for more than half of the new jobs. the snowstorms that have blanketed m
, young adults, and seniors. president obama is expected to discuss the cuts when he meets with senate democratic leaders today. >>> united airlines passengers should make sure their flight is taking off today. there could be delays or cancellations of nearly 100 boeing 757. they were grounded because of maintenance checks that were not completed. it could take them between 60 and 90 minutes to fix each airplane. if you are flying united today, call ahead. >>> it's 32 degrees. >> still ahead, a showdown with the federal government over illegal immigration. one local suburb is taking on homeland's security. >> the cure for the common cold, not quite, but it could help to stop the symptoms. >> another check on traffic and weat ♪ [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs, he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs, with faculty who brought real-world perspective on where the business world was headed and the practical experience to help him make an impact. my name is sean blankenship, i'm making the electric car more accessible, and i am a phoenix. [ male announ
you, you did not make the cut. not even the obama's made the list. royal watchers say it is not a slight. >> no heads of state have been invited. this is a royal wedding. they are trying to keep this as a family wedding. >> 50 members of the family will be coming. 200 politicians and diplomats. over 1000 friends and family of the young couple. that is a party. >> you wonder who will get an invitation from the u.s., if the obama's did not. you wonder. lisa baden, one more look at traffic. >>> around the beltway, interstate travel looks good. age of deep -- they're working on blue, orange, and read -- hov, they're working on the blue, orange, and red lines. where is everyone, adam caskey? >>> keep a close eye on the forecast. things could change. a very complex forecast situation. we are anticipating the sleet to change to snow tonight and drop some accumulations. a wide range of temperatures. the average will be in the lower-50's. tomorrow will be back in the 30's. >> we are prepared. >>> we will have m [ male announcer ] from maryland to the mall and beyond, it's easy
. >> president obama called on the egyptian leader to begin a peaceful and orderly transition immediately. he also said the transition should include a broad spectrum of the political factions. >> the time is 6:36 and we have 35 degrees. when we continue, a tv icon will have a place in american history. the smithsonian will recognize one of charlie's angels been a plus, pepco under fire, the power company is preparing for future power outages. >> as we go to another break, here is another check on gobbler's knob where punxsutawney phil is getting ready to make his prediction. they are having a party there. of premium roast coffee -- 100% arabica beans. it's so rich, but so just a dollar. on the dollar menu at breakfast. and that's what we're made of. ♪ ba da ba ba ba my sistersundays are just tofor watching football. believe that? [ thinking ] relax. you ordered off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. everything's so good and just a buck. so go. he's a jerk. [ thinking ] the simple joy of being smart. ♪ >> 20 minutes before the hour on this wednesday morning. time for traffic and weather
a protest tomorrow. president >>> obama is looking for ways to help small businesses. he and cabinet members will hear from more than 100 small business leaders during 04 at cleveland state university. the white house says the goal is to develop ideas that would boost economic growth. >>> voters in chicago could choose a new mayor today. rahm emanuel and three other tondidates are campaigning fo replace richard daley. there could be a runoff election on april 5 unless someone gets more than 50% of the votes today. >>> the excitement is growing already over the oscars. >> they will be handed out this sunday. james franco will host the awards ceremony along with anne hathaway. franco is up for best actor for the film "127 hours." >> i have nothing that i want to say as the host. it is weird that i am the host already. i did not want to be a part of that -- i just want to be a part of that and see how they make me over. >> he is, also, an author, artist, and a ph.d. student at yale. you can see the awards ceremony this sunday night beginning at 8:30 on abc 7. >> he had to skip a class on the da
everything president obama has done. that may not go over well with the electorate in virginia. >> he's the top choice for virginia democrats. >> he is not saying one way or another, talking about tim kaine. >> good to see you. thanks. >>> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. we had some delays and closings. are we surprised? >> a little. a number of school systems are delayed and a couple are closed. a little snow. i know that this will quickly become a memory. skies are clearing. it's going to stay cold. for the next few days it will go away. let's look at what's happening in chesapeake bay and chesapeake beach, clouds starting to clear a little. sunrise at 7:05. in frederick there are blue skies appearing above the city already. clearing working through the metro washington area towards the southeast. in arlington is clearing skies starting, 27 degrees right now at reagan national airport. teens and twenties in other spots. warming up slowly with windy with winds gusting. clouds will be clearing. moisture accepting the east coast rather quickly. it is going to be a chill
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